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 Nottingham Station

why use us?

a unique challenge . . .
Securing planning permission or enabling change in the historic environment presents a unique challenge. A greater understanding of the site in the context of the prevailing planning policies helps to support development proposals and inform planning decisions.

requires expert advice . . .
TRIGPOINT Conservation & Planning offers independent and impartial advice that combines knowledge and experience of planning procedures with specialist expertise in conservation and archaeology. Our aim is to provide an informed interpretation of planning policies and procedures along with a thorough understanding of the site, and where necessary advise on alternative approaches or a mitigation strategy.

to reduce risks and save both time and money
Our experience has shown that a specialist approach at an early stage helps to identify and manage potential risks and objections, allowing projects to proceed with greater certainty, saving both time and money and increasing the chances of obtaining a planning approval.

Our aim is to help our clients achieve their planning aspirations for their site. We will provide a realistic assessment of its development potential and offer practical advice on the strategy for dealing with the development proposals, allowing our clients to identify and manage any potential risks and objections and increasing their chances of obtaining a planning approval.

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