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 Nottingham Station

planning for wind power

 planning for wind power Planning for wind turbines in rural locations can often lead to conflict with heritage assets, the physical works can affect buried archaeological remains and the visual impact of a wind turbine can affect the setting of historic sites and listed buildings.

The potential impact of wind turbines on heritage assets is a major factor in the determination of planning applications, and recent High Court decisions have demonstrated the importance of providing specialist reports that properly assess the context of the wind turbine and its likely impact on the setting and significance of the local heritage assets.

TRIGPOINT Conservation & Planning has the specialist knowledge and experience to assess the impact of a wind turbine on both the local archaeology and the settings of historic sites and buildings in the vicinity of the proposed development in the context of local and national planning policies.

 planning for wind power
We are able to provide planning advice to support renewable energy projects large or small. If you have any queries or want to discuss how we can provide planning services to support your proposals please contact us.

heritage impact assessments - case studies

 planning for wind power

 planning for wind power

 planning for wind power
Cattows Farm, Heather, Leicestershire – approved

Bowden Farm, Buckland Brewer, Devon – approved

Boyah Grange, Dale, Derbyshire – decision pending

Hemington Lodge Farm, Hemington, Northamptonshire – application withdrawn

Sydnall Farm, Ditton Priors, Shropshire – refused contrary to Officer’s recommendation

Manor Farm, Upper Broughton, Leicestershire – decision pending

Lindridge Hall Farm, Desford, Leicestershire – approved

Vernon Oaks Farm, Marston Montgomery, Derbyshire – decision pending

TRIGPOINT Conservation & Planning has prepared a heritage impact statement for the erection of a number of wind turbines in rural locations, and in each case TRIGPOINT has carried out an assessment of the potential impact of the proposed turbine on any heritage assets within 5km of the turbine site. To satisfy the stringent statutory and national planning policy requirements the specialist reports produced by TRIGPOINT have identified the settings and significance of the designated heritage assets within the search area around each turbine site and have given full consideration to the potential impact of the proposed wind turbine.

We are happy to supply examples of our reports on request.
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